A motorist was ticketed in western Minnesota for going at least 100 miles per hour. Twice. Within the same hour.

The first time Murat Ayamba Ndikum, 31, of Grand Forks, N.D., was stopped in his 1994 Toyota occurred shortly after 6 p.m. March 13 on westbound Interstate 94 near Alexandria, the State Patrol reported on Monday. The vehicle was clocked at 100 mph.

The second time, on westbound I-94 near Barnesville, Ndikum was stopped after touching 106 mph, the patrol said.

The speed limit in both instances was 70 mph. The driver told the trooper during the second stop that he has difficulty realizing how fast he's driving.

The average cost of a speeding ticket in Minnesota is about $120 for 10 miles over the limit. Motorists stopped at 20 mph over face double the fine. Those ticketed traveling more than 100 mph can lose their licenses for six months.

During a statewide enforcement campaign last July, law enforcement officers wrote 73 tickets for those zooming along at more than 90 mph.