Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak joins the parade of mayors and local officials across the nation that the White House has been trotting out in recent days to support President Obama’s tax deal with congressional Republicans.

 “While people are unhappy with different aspects of the deal, and above all with the extension of tax cuts to those who don’t need them, I think we need to focus on the essential point,” Rybak says in his post, which was released by the White House today. “To me, it’s that President Obama is keeping his core promise to deliver help to the middle class.”

Rybak, chairman of Obama’s campaign in Minnesota, acknowledges the pain that liberals are feeling. “It’s true: as a candidate, Barack Obama said he would let the Bush tax cuts expire on the richest Americans, and that’s still his position. Believe me, I’m not crazy about having them extended, either… But as president, Barack Obama is also a rational problem-solver who has thrown a lifeline to people who are suffering right now — and delivering for people who are in need right now.”

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