Rybak said he had more heart damage at his junior prom

Rybak said he had more heart damage at his junior prom. Photo of 1974 Breck School yearbook taken by Tane Danger

You can’t keep an ex-mayor down.

Last Wednesday, an aide to R.T. Rybak told a reporter that Rybak felt he had said all he needs to say about his recent heart attack.
Last Thursday, Rybak blogged 650 words on the topic.

In his post, Rybak said he’d suffered no permanent heart damage and was feeling better than he had in years.  That’s not surprising, considering that he’d had the cardiology equivalent of a Roto Rooter job on several arteries, with multiple angioplasties and stents.

Rybak said he’s doing cardiac rehab on a treadmill at Hennepin County Medical Center, but put in three full days at his new gig heading Generation Next’s focus on the achievement gap.

He said he’ll soon be back to a maniacal workout schedule, but not in time to ski this year’s City of Lake Loppet.  He’ll be at its Luminary Loppet that’s more of a social event, he said, but didn’t say whether he’ll be on skis.

He said that people have wondered how someone in his condition could have a heart attack. He said the blame is strictly attributable to genetics and his doctors have told him that conditioning contributed to his survival.  So his takeaway is to keep on sweating, with the help of medication to address his predisposition.