UPDATE: Here is the NHLPA's proposal (on TSN web site). There is no doubt the owners will push back on some things, particularly "Make Whole," but this should be a platform to negotiate on now that both sides are working on same economic models finally.


This morning in New York, the NHL Players' Association extended a new proposal to the NHL.

According to Executive Director Donald Fehr (according to Twitter reports from media on the scene; I am not there), it was a "comprehensive" proposal that moved significantly toward the owners and "about as good as we can do."

At the NH.L's request, Fehr says the proposal is based off a percentage of revenues rather than a fixed share According to reports, the NHL is seeking $180 million more on the $211 million the NHL offered in "Make Whole," and according to Fehr, based on a five-year proposal, the NHL and NHLPA are apart by $182 million.

That's just about $6.06 million per team over the life of the proposed CBA -- or about the money the NHL gets from NBC this year regardless if there's a game played or not. Per year, that's like a third- or fourth-line salary per team ($1.21M)

The NHL is caucusing right now and plans to respond to the NHLPA at 12:30 p.m. CT. It obviously will be pivotal to see how the NHL interprets the NHLPA's offer.

As we've seen throughout this lockout, the NHL and NHLPA continually look at the same numbers and calculate them differently, so right now the numbers being used is what Fehr is saying, not what the NHL is saying.

So, again, the devil's in the details here. According to reports, it doesn't appear as if the NHLPA made a presentation on the numerous contractual changes the NHL is seeking. So regardless, we're not close to this being over.

But hopefully, today represents some sort of traction. We will see this afternoon.

I still don't like that these sides are working off a five-year proposal. The NHL's had two lockouts in eight years and three since 1994. Work out a long-term deal so we don't have to do this all again in 2017!

As I mentioned this morning, I have Gophers availability at 12:30, so I'll do my best to keep one eye on negotiations and be back with you later today. You can also follow me on Twitter at @russostrib, but there's several quality reporters on the scene in New York.


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