The NFL has not been successful in the Minnesota court system when it comes to the labor situation, but it appears the league did get a victory in Minnesota this morning.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, appearing on Pro Football Talk live, said the league has prevailed in the long-running StarCaps case. You'll recall a group of players, including Vikings defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams (soon to be a free agent), sued after being suspended in 2008 for taking a banned substance that actually was in StarCaps.

This would mean that the NFL can now move forward with suspending both Kevin and Pat Williams four games to start the 2011 season.

“The Minnesota Supreme Court has just issued this morning an order denying a review of the appeals court decision that went in favor of the league,” Aiello said on PFT Live. “The result is the case is over and we, the NFL, prevailed in the case. So there is a court in Minnesota that rules in our favor from time to time.”

According to the Associated Press story, in a one-page order without comment, the court declined to consider Williams' appeal of a decision that had gone against both Williamses. The order was signed Wednesday by Chief Justice Lorie Gildea and made public Thursday.

In an e-mail statement, Aiello said: “Every court to consider the claims of the players and the NFLPA in this case has found them to be without merit and has found the NFL’s actions to be consistent with the collectively bargained policy and with state law. We are pleased that the Minnesota Supreme Court action today has put an end to this litigation.”

Peter Ginsberg, the lawyer for both Kevin and Pat Williams, did not immediately return a message but we are trying to get reaction from the players' attorney.


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