Rock the Garden 2014 offers a reunion of sorts for the two bands finishing off Sunday’s lineup, Spoon and Guided by Voices. They toured together in 1996 right after Matador Records issued Spoon’s debut, “Telephono.” Here’s what GBV’s Tobin Sprout and Spoon’s Jim Eno remember of that go-around.

Sprout on Spoon: “It was obvious even back then they had a lot of potential. In fact, they were well on their way to being great. They were really easy guys to get along with, too. I think there were a couple wrestling matches between some of the guys in our band and Jim. They found out he was a big wrestler in high school, so he got a lot of challenges. It wasn’t pretty.”

Eno on GBV: “Touring with them was the most exciting thing that had happened to us. To this day, the three weeks we did with GBV in Europe in the summer of ’96 is one of my all-time favorite tours. Anytime we had a day off, it was because there was some kind of big European football match going on, and the agents knew nobody would come to the shows. So we spent those days holed up in pubs together, watching soccer. We happened to be in Germany when they won the big one, and that was insanely fun.”