The Royce White saga may be nearing an end, at least as far as his time with the Houston Rockets is concerned. 

The former Hopkins star, who attended the University of Minnesota but never played there, told ESPN: "I'd rather tell them on the front end and be honest and transparent and never play again for that than allow me to become one of the stories because I wasn't able to communicate."

White has stayed away from the Rockets for more than a week because of what he says is a dispute over how the team should work with him on his anxiety disorder. He told ESPN that he plans to meet with Rockets general manager Daryl Morey on Monday.

"At no point will I compromise my health in the interest of business," White told ESPN.

White has so far refused an assignment to go to the Rockets' D-League team. He has cited his anxiety disorder, which includes a fear of flying, as the health issue he needs to work out with Houston management.

White was drafted in the first round by Houston in June after playing one season at Iowa State.

You can read the ESPN report and see video here.

Other reports on White:

Adrian Wojranowski writes: "The NBA will never be played on his terms. Royce White isn't good enough, and the sooner he realizes it, the sooner he understands only he can save himself right now, the sooner he can maybe salvage a career that's already slipping away"

Zach Harper of writes: "With as much as White has talked about his disorder since he became a national figure, it doesn't shock me that he's willing to put his health over a dream a lot of people wish they had. And the message behind what he's saying will get misconstrued as him being ungrateful or unappreciative of the opportunity before him. That kind of reaction to his words would be an unfair reaction, in my estimation."





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