Minneapolis officials want to hear from home­owners who have concerns about Roto-Rooter plumbing jobs. In Sunday’s newspaper, Whistleblower reported on the city’s investigation into the plumbing and drain-cleaning giant, which was prompted by complaints from seven home­owners. 

City officials accused Roto-Rooter of misleading customers and pressuring them into expensive repairs that, in some cases, weren’t necessary. Altogether, nearly three dozen homeowners across the metro area have come forward with similar problems.

In Minneapolis, homeowners should contact Julie Casey at 612-673-3905  and provide copies of invoices or any other documentation as well as a written complaint letter.

Roto-Rooter issued this statement:

Roto-Rooter would also like to hear from anyone with a concern about their service. Customers can call the local branch office at 763-519-3977 and the manager will review any service calls, including the video of the sewer inspections it keeps on file. Any customer who feels their concerns aren’t being addressed at the local level can contact Roto-Rooter’s national office toll-free at 866-578-0007 where they can speak to Pat Swanson, Roto-Rooter’s national customer satisfaction manager.

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