A man was found dead in a third-floor Roseville apartment after the building caught fire early Saturday night.

Crews were called to the Rose Mall Apartments at N. 2200 Pascal St. about 6 p.m., residents said. The man’s body was found behind a door to one of the apartments, KSTP reported.

Ben Roby, who has lived in the building six years, said he called 911, but he said there may have been initial confusion in crews locating the fire.

“When I called the dispatcher [they] wanted to know what street,” said Roby. “People from another complex apparently had called but gave the dispatcher the wrong address.”

The building was evacuated, but residents were allowed to return to their apartments after 7 p.m.

“All I was aware of was there was smoke,” said Kevin Whaley, who lives on the second floor. “I don’t think anyone realized that someone died.”

Authorities did not immediately identify the man who died.

Paul Levy