Halloween continues to scare up billions of dollars in retail sales each year and retail centers such as Rosedale are taking note. 

For the last several years it has leased space to Spirit Halloween and the superstore for all things Halloween is already open, even putting a large sign on the exterior facade where a Herberger's sign once hung. 

This year the Roseville mall is adding a major Halloween attraction in addition to the Spirit Halloween retail store--a new location for the Haunted Basement, Now in its 13th year, the Basement is known for making its customers sign waivers, have a safe word, and show a valid ID.

That's still true, but for persons with a low fright tolerance, "fraidy cat tours" have been added in the early afternoon and select week nights in which no actors are used, house lights are left on, the sound track is softened, and a tour guide points out hidden doors and tricks of the trade. Also new is a "no touch" tour for persons 15 and older. The main tour is still open to ages 18 and older for those drawn to actors in creepy costumes, disturbing sets, and bloody special effects.  

The tour spreads out over 20,000 square feet this year, almost double its previous size. Although the operators of Haunted Basement were looking for a more permanent space, they hadn't considered a mall until Rosedale officials reached out to them. "The new space is more accessible than we've ever been," said Walker Friend, operations director of Haunted Basement. "We're close to a transit station, and we're fully ADA compliant." 

“I can’t wait to see – or hear – our guests’ reaction to Haunted Basement,” said Sarah Fossen, director of marketing and experience at Rosedale Center, in a statement. “Halloween is now the second biggest holiday after Christmas, and we know that people are looking for experiences more exciting than bobbing for apples.”

According to a survey from the National Retail Federation 175 million Americans said they planned to celebrate Halloween. In 2018, average spending on the holiday was nearly $87 per person, with a total amount spent at about $9 billion.

Tickets are now on sale at Hauntedbasement.org with prices ranging from $15 to $50 for most of the tours.  

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