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They say that brevity is the soul of wit. If that is actually true then I am probably the dimmest guest poster on RandBall. In an effort to combat my natural tendency toward windbaggery, I am going to preview the playoffs in the spare, haunting form of haiku.

Eastern Conference
(1) NY Rangers v. (8) Ottawa
Erik Karlsson
Had a magical season
That ends in five games
(2) Boston v. (7) Washington
Despite Tim’s protest
Politics as usual
D.C. wins in six
(3) Florida v. (6) New Jersey
The Panthers are back!
It’s been a long playoff drought
And a short future
(4) Pittsburgh v. (5) Philadelphia
I don’t know who’ll win
But there’s one thing that’s for sure
Someone will get punched
Western Conference
(1) Vancouver v. (8) Los Angeles
Luongo and Quick
Keep scores low; Canucks win with
Six goals in five games
(2) St. Louis v. (7) San Jose
Ugly uniforms
Are not lacking in this one
The Arch bites the Sharks
(3) Phoenix v. (6) Chicago
Like the Coyotes
Stu should have been gone years ago
Both survive this round
(4) Nashville v. (5) Detroit
Red Wings fans will cry
Like RandBall when he thinks of

Ricky Rubio


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