Photo by Leslie Plesser

Photo by Leslie Plesser

Reading up on Robyn's tour before her long-awaited appearance Sunday at the Fine Line, I got a big kick out of this lead sentence in a review of her kickoff in Miami from "For an electro-pop pixie from Sweden, the low 60s temperatures that seized Miami Beach on Friday night must have felt like home." The review goes on to refer to the "frigid conditions."

Ha! Next time, Spin, come to Minneapolis. The snowy, slushy and just plain miserable conditions that preceded Sunday's show indeed seemed to contribute to the warm vibe inside the club -- but not because they're what Robyn is used to back home, but because the crowd looked amply ready to get out and shake off the weekend.

This really was one of the most excited, heated audiences I've seen at a concert this year. Robyn delivered on all fronts, too: a strong voice, a bursting stage presence and quite a clever musical prowess, the latter of which she really showed off in that second encore. Not only did I love the Prince and ABBA makeovers, but she coolly stripped down her teen hit "Show Me Love" to demonstrate how it stands up as a near-classic pop song. Read more about the concert in the full review for tomorrow's newspaper. Also check out Leslie Plesser's photo gallery at Here's the set list:

Fembot  /  Cry When You Get Older  /  Cobrastyle  /  Dancing on My Own  /  We Dance to the Beat /  Don't [Bleeping] Tell Me What to Do  /  Love Kills /  The Girl and the Robot  /  Indestructable  /  Dream On  /  With Every Heartbeat     ENCORE 1: U Should Know Better  /  Konichiwa Bitches  /  Hang With Me   ENCORE 2: When Doves Cry  /  Dancing Queen  /  Show Me Love

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