Robert Blake feels completely comfortable showing his face in public. TMZ says:

Blake was supposed to sign autographs at something called The Hollywood Show at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center over the weekend. Kevin Martin, co-owner of The Hollywood Show, tells us Blake was "being a diva" yesterday and complaining the line at his table was too short. Blake eventually left early.

 Martin says Blake then showed up several hours late today and told the organizers of the event to make an announcement saying he would sign autographs for free. Martin says Robert became unruly yet again and was asked to leave. Martin says security escorted him out of the hotel.

He showed up later, thanked his fans, and said he’d sign for free. Here’s video, in case you’re wondering what “Robert Blake fans” look like.

He shouldn’t be doing the signings for free; wikipedia says:

Blake has maintained a very low profile since his acquittal and his filing for bankruptcy with debts of $3,000,000 for unpaid legal fees and state and federal taxes [20] after the criminal and civil trials. Having retired from acting years before the murder of Bonnie Lee Bakley, and because of his legal issues, Blake has expressed that he might return to acting someday to help himself financially. On April 9, 2010, the state of California filed a tax lien against Blake for $1,110,878 with the Los Angeles County recorder of Deeds for unpaid back taxes.

So he’s broke. And yet he is not a homeless bag of bones. Must be getting money somewhere; wonder how that works.

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Robert Blake had a problem with the size of the table

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Robert Blake had a problem with the size of the table