I'm often curious what others think of Target Field since I consider it a top-three ballpark in baseball (along with the ones in San Francisco and Pittsburgh), and the All-Star Game certainly brought its share of opinions from ball writers around the country.

One sentiment, from Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post, is that Target Field is "classy and comfortable if not breathtaking. But until that right field wall becomes remotely fair to hitters ... this is a badly flawed design." Boswell doesn't think home runs are easy enough to hit. I don't mind it, but Joe Mauer might disagree.

color scheme From uni-watch.com comes old sketches of alternate third jerseys for the Vikings in 2003 that had black as the primary color.

Thanks, Jeter TV ratings for this year's All-Star Game at Target Field were the highest since 2010. Was it Minnesota's charm? Or Derek Jeter?