Did you know Target has its own technology brand? It’s fairly new and is called Heyday. The collection includes phone and tablet cases, smartwatch bands, chargers, cables, earphones and more.

Target is smart to get into the gadget business, and the products are mostly good, especially for the price point.

The 8-inch round portable Bluetooth speaker, with a price point in the middle of like goods, is shaped like a big M&M covered in a tweedy gray fabric. It is designed to prop up on a flat surface like a picture frame.

The front houses the speaker, which sounds like a single driver.

However, if there’s a fault with these products, documentation is weak and something Target should work on.

The speaker was bright when I played classical and sufficiently boomy when I played other types of music.

It can stream music via Bluetooth from your phone, computer or tablet, and it has a 3.5mm auxin jack to connect wired devices like an iPod.

The built-in battery is charged with an included microUSB cable, and the speaker can play for more than 16 hours on a charge.

Other drawbacks: The FM tuner has no display, so you need to scroll through the stations. And one of the playback buttons was hanging off when the speaker was removed from the box. (It fit right back in place — and worked fine — but raised a flag of possible quality issues.)

The speaker looks nice and sounds decent, though.


Delivering more than expected for the price

When it is time to shop for headphones, the Heyday in-ear headphones are a pair that are priced low but deliver more than expected for the price. The earpieces are all plastic, and they’re shaped like Apple’s EarPods.

Target calls it “comfort fit” but while they were not uncomfortable, there were no different-sized tips to help with the fit. They are not designed to seal in your ear.

They have an in-line volume control and a play/pause button along with a microphone so you can use them for hands-free calls on your phone.

The four-foot cord is covered with a black, braided material, and they come with a lined tweedy carrying case.