Some results from last week’s forum

A sample of the results from Monday’s forum. The most popular response appears at the top of each list. The list of responses was brainstormed by attendees.


What are Lakeville’s greatest assets?

1. Public safety

2. Schools

3. Lakes and parks

4. Access to Interstate 35

5. Part of a thriving region

6. Educated wokforce

7. Suburban feel

8. Commercial retail


Thinking out 25 years, what are Lakeville’s greatest challenges?

1. Accommodating changing demographics

2. Affordable government

3. Maintaining residential property values

4. School funding

5. Traffic

6. Maintaining public safety

7. Protecting the environment

8. Commercial/retail growth


What are the opportunities in the next 25 years that Lakeville should pursue?

1. Quality economic development

2. Technology-based businesses

3. Stabilizing and maintaining downtown

4. Attaining a AAA bond rating

5. Rapid transit to downtown Minneapolis

6. More significant partnerships

7. Urban agriculture

8. Culture and the arts



What: Envision Lakeville Community Forums

When, where: Tuesday and Thursday , 7 to 9 p.m. Kenwood Trail Middle School, 19455 Kenwood Trail, Lakeville