INDIANAPOLIS -- The fact the Vikings never touched the ball in losing the NFC title game in overtime to the Saints caused another round of debate about the fact both teams are not allowed an opportunity to score in the extra session.

It seems the league is now at least going to take a look at its policy when it comes to overtime. Peter King of Sports Illustrated tweeted Saturday that "the NFL Competition Committee will consider a 'modified sudden death' rule at the NFL meetings in late March."

King then tweeted: "The Competition Committee will likely not propose a 2-possession minimum rule. More likely, it would be the first team to seven points."

In other words driving for a field goal wouldn't be good enough to end the game. 

Update: Rich Eisen of the NFL Network has joined in the tweeting fun on this subject. "It's coming," Eisen said in response to King. "First team to six wins in overtime. I've heard they may try it in just the playoffs first. Would be great."

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