And then there was a new sticking point in the Donovan McNabb trade to Minnesota.

ESPN reports that the compensation issues that were a stumbling block to the deal appear to be resolved, but the issue is now McNabb was concerned Tuesday night about how the Vikings' side of the situation was handled.

Our friend Kevin Seifert points out on his blog that some in the McNabb camp were concerned about the reports the Vikings had first gone after free agent Tyler Thigpen and it also rubbed them wrong that the Vikings insisted McNabb reduce his contract terms by a substantial amount.

One would think all of this would be a red flag to an organization that went through a similar situation with Brett Favre, who came back last season only after being assured he would make $1 million per game. McNabb after all is going to come here as a one-year stopgap until Christian Ponder is ready to take over.

If the 34-year-old McNabb doesn't like how the Vikings are doing business already, how will he feel when the team begins to push him aside for Ponder?

As for the compensatoin, McNabb was due $14.8 million from the Redskins this season, but he will get far less on a short-term deal from the Vikings.

Meanwhile, there is nothing new yet on Vikings and Seahawks pursuit of Sidney Rice. Danny O'Neil, who is very plugged into the Seahawks, had an interesting blog entry today in which he pointed out that reports of the Seahawks being in a bidding war for Rice were likely too strong. That doesn't mean Seattle isn't pursuing Rice.

Wrote O'Neil: "[A bidding war is] simply not general manager John Schneider's style. The Seahawks have pegged a value for a player and stuck to that value. They don't get so enamored that they go chasing guys while driving Paul Allen's armored truck. That was true last year with regard to their interest in restricted free agents Brandon Marshall of Denver and Vincent Jackson of San Diego."



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