JAY CUTLER, Bears quarterback

Stats: 267 yards, two TDs.

Cutler managed the game well and, without pressure, completed 21 of 31 passes.

DEVIN HESTER, Bears receiver

Stats: Five catches, 91 yards, 48-yard TD catch. Oh yeah, and a 98-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

ROBERTO GARZA, Bears center

We'll pick Garza to represent a much-maligned offensive line that controlled play and gave Cutler time.


When: First quarter, 12:26 left.

Score: No score.

Situation: The Bears had first-and-10 from the Vikings 48.

The play: Devin Hester raced downfield to catch a touchdown pass from Jay Cutler as the Bears picked up a safety blitz by Jamarca Sanford. Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin was burned by Hester, and safety Husain Abdullah arrived too late to prevent the end-zone reception.

The result: The play foreshadowed unexpectedly great protection Cutler would get for the rest of the game.


Still the best

Devin Hester's 98-yarder was his fifth career touchdown on kickoff returns. He also has 11 career punt return touchdowns, including three against the Vikings. Hester's 16 return touchdowns have come in 82 games. The previous NFL record holder for return touchdowns was Brian Mitchell, who had 13 return TDs in 223 games.


Vikings P Chris Kluwe vs. Bears Devin Hester

Who won? Hester had one return for 27. By even getting a chance, he wins this battle.


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