Remembering 1998

Randall Cunningham passed for 3,704 yards and 34 TDs when the Vikings offense set a then-NFL record by scoring 556 points. Here’s Cunningham on:


His individual performance: “It was redemption [after being out of football in 1996].”

The Vikings’ high-scoring offense: “We were in sync. I have never been under that kind of pressure in football. We expected so much out of ourselves. You could not have an error in practice or somebody was going to saying something. We were on edge all the time.”

Falling short of the Super Bowl: “It would have been nice. But when I walked off the field after Morten Andersen kicked that field goal, I said, ‘Lord, thank you for the opportunity.’ As much as I wanted to win, I couldn’t say, ‘Why?’ ”

His legacy and if he thinks he changed the QB position: “I was just a part of the league.”

His time in Minnesota: “I enjoyed playing there. People allowed me to be myself.”

Playing QB in today’s NFL with the explosion of read-option: “I wouldn’t have wanted to do it. They did that and it did not work. It was called ‘RC left’ and ‘RC right’ and every time I did it I would get sacked.”