Here are five tips on how to take a vacation without letting technology keep you tethered to the office:

1. Don't take it with you. It will be tough, but leave your cell phone, laptop and other devices essential to your everyday work life at home.

2. Record a smart voice-mail message. Tell callers you are unreachable until your return date. Don't invite them to leave a message. Tell them who can handle urgent matters during your absence -- and tell that caretaker not to call you.

3. Go somewhere remote. People can't bother you if they can't reach you. Get some ideas from Forbes' "20 Great Cellphone-free Vacation Spots" (, which includes Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

4. Use different contact info. With separate e-mail addresses and cell-phone numbers for home and work, you can keep in touch with your family and friends without being bothered by office matters.

5. Don't be tempted. If your e-mail directory shows a work-related message, don't read it. If your cell phone's caller ID displays a work-related number, don't answer.