The record for fundraising by a school board candidate in Minneapolis just got a little bigger.

District 4 candidate Josh Reimnitz spent nearly $40,000 in winning the hardest-fought of the six district seats on the board filled over the last two election cycles.

His year-end campaign finance report shows that Reimnitz raised another $2,764 after his pre-election report was filed.  That brings his total to $39,959.  He spent $38,871.

Reimnitz had already eclipsed the previous record from 2010 set by board member Richard Mammen, who raised $34,523.

Also of note in year-end filings is the disclosure of how much the political arm of the Minnesota Federation of Teachers spent on a late mailer supporting Patty Wycoff, who contested the seat with Reimnitz. The union political fund reported it spent $4,902 for the mailing, but as of the report’s cutoff date two months later the fund hadn’t paid the bill of the union mailing house that handled the work. That money came from voluntary contributions of teacher union members.   Wycoff’s finance report hadn’t been posted as of this post, but she was massively outspent by Reimnitz.

Also reporting was the outside political entity known as 50CAN Action Fund, which reported a late independent expenditure on behalf of Reimnitz of just over $6,000. The political fund is a affilate of 50CAN, the self-styled educaiton reform group that has a Minnesota affiliate. The biggest contributor by far was lawyer Mike Ciresi, who gave $2,000.

Both the union and 50CAN late blitzes drew cries of foul from the opposite side. Both expenditures came late enough in the campaigns that the amounts and donors didn't have to be disclosed before Election Day.