Dozens of flights out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport have been cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, which has already begun to pummel the East Coast and caused the cancelation of nearly 9,000 flights to airports along the eastern seaboard. Most of the would-be flyers out of MSP were notified before they reached the airport, according to a report by colleague Alejandra Matos. More flights are expected to be canceled tomorrow.

If your flight is canceled, most airlines are waiving the fee to reschedule a flight. This means you won't need to pay the usual fee, which can be as much as $150, and you will be scheduled on a flight with available seats. In most cases, you can opt for a refund. Though it may be difficult to get through to Delta and other airlines, check with your carrier for rescheduling and for flight details. You may be able to reschedule online.

If you are holding a ticket to one of the affected airports for later in the week, your ticket will be honored. Everyone who held a ticket for a cancelled flight will be accomodated by the airlines as quickly as they can, but without bumping ticket-holders. That said, be sure to arrive at the airport early: You don't want to get bumped from your flight  because you arrived at the airport too late. In the face of what is sure to be a stressed and crowded system later this week, I suggest 2 hours ahead for a domestic flight; 3 hours for an international flight. According to the Delta website, the airline recommends you arrive at the airport 75 minutes before a domestic flight and 3 hours for an international flight. You must be checked-in at least 30 minutes before a domestic departure and an hour before an international departure or risk losing your seat.