New legislative maps released on Tuesday show that Minneapolis may send at least two fewer legislators to the Capitol next year.

The maps, which are redrawn every 10 years, paired up five existing members of the Minneapolis delegation -- three in the House, two in the Senate. Those paired incumbents will have to face off against each other in the next election.

In the House, Reps. Frank Hornstein and Marion Greene were paired together in the Chain of Lakes area. Rep. Jean Wagenius, who represents neighborhoods surrounding Lake Nokomis, was paired with Rep. Linda Slocum of Richfield.

The winner of the Wagenius/Slocum race will decide how many legislators live in Minneapolis.

In the Senate, Sens. Ken Kelash and Scott Dibble were paired, also all in the Chain of Lakes area (see detailed map here).

Altogether, the changes mean that the Minneapolis delegation will fall from 17 legislators to 15 -- possibly 14.

“Any time you lose a seat, it’s less political power, one less vote," said Minneapolis DFL chair Dan McConnell. "So it’s not a good thing.”

Minneapolis' clout isn't just affected by redistricting. High-profile retirements in recent months have also taken their toll.