After North Korean paratroopers invade his hometown in Washington state, high school quarterback Matt (Josh Peck) says, "North Korea? That doesn't make sense." Neither does much else in this remake, which has been idling for three years. In the original 1984 "Red Dawn" with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, a group of high schoolers escape invading Russians and form an underdog guerrilla army called the Wolverines. In the new version, Chris Hemsworth ("Thor") plays Matt's older brother, a Marine recently back from Iraq, and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta in "The Hunger Games") is their sidekick. The Wolverines ram enemy vehicles, rig bombs to skateboards and impress macho Marines. Director Dan Bradley knows how to stage an action scene, and clumsy dialogue is buoyed by Hemsworth's and Hutcherson's newfound star power. If shootouts, bomb blasts and remorseless killing are all you're after, stay home and play "Call of Duty." (Rated PG-13.) KRISTIN TILLOTSON