Wolverines in limbo: “Red Dawn,” a remake of “Red Dawn,” has been yanked from the release schedule, and no one knows when it will be released.

: It was made by MGM, and MGM has run out of money. The troubled studio managed to make several movies recently, one that was already released ("Hot Tub Time Machine"), one that is being released next year by Sony ("The Zookeeper") and one, "Red Dawn," that is in the can but may stay there for quite a while, at least until someone buys MGM or provides the kind of big investment needed to market and distribute new films.

This is sad news, partly because my neighbor worked on the movie as an electrician, and it’s always fun to see his name in the credits. They shot in Detroit, because they needed a city that looked like it had suffered an brutal invasion; not much set-dressing was needed.

Other remake news: Jennifer Garner and Nick Nolte are in talks to join the cast of "Arthur," a remake of the 1981 comedy. It is now official: every movie that was ever made will be made again, and in a few years you will see a marquee that says "Red Dawn," "Arthur 2," "A-Team 2," and "Karate Kid 2," and wonder if you woke up in the past. 

No; then the marquee would say "Back to the Future 2." 

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