A list of recent commercial real estate sales in the Twin Cities, ranked by transaction value.

3520-3566 Winnetka Avenue North, NEW HOPE

Price: $6,602,760

Filing Date: 06/01/2016

Seller: Winnetka Commons Holdings LLC

Buyer: HB LLC

515 Washington Avenue North, MINNEAPOLIS

Price: $4,000,000

Filing Date: 05/31/2016

Seller: 515 Washington Properties LLC

Buyer: The Maytag Building LLC

6475 Wayzata Boulevard, ST LOUIS PARK

Price: $3,825,000

Filing Date: 06/01/2016

Seller: NLD 394 LLC a Delaware limited liability company

Buyer: Morries 394 Lincoln RE LLC

3401 Hiawatha Avenue, MINNEAPOLIS

Price: $3,600,000

Filing Date: 06/01/2016

Seller: Hiawatha Business Center LLC

Buyer: TCC Hiawatha LLC

300 Industrial Blvd. NE, MINNEAPOLIS

Price: $3,600,000

Filing Date: 05/13/2016

Seller: Industrial Blvd. 300 LLC

Buyer: CSDC Facilities Corp.

2755 Long Lake Rd., ROSEVILLE

Price: $3,290,000

Filing Date: 05/16/2016

Seller: SanRon Properties LLC

Buyer: Pingree 2000 Real Estate Holdings LLC

9010 Jamaica Avenue South, COTTAGE GROVE

Price: $3,030,000

Filing Date: 05/26/2016

Seller: Pacifica NNN One LLC

Buyer: Bryan Investments LLC

110 Opportunity Blvd N, CAMBRIDGE

Price: $3,025,000

Filing Date: 05/23/2016

Seller: Retail Partners Cambridge LLC

Buyer: Agree Limited Partnership

1432 Lake Street S, FOREST LAKE

Price: $2,936,100

Filing Date: 05/20/2016

Seller: Pace Development Inc.

Buyer: Tiba Realty LLC

2357 108th Lane NE, BLAINE

Price: $2,756,000

Filing Date: 05/12/2016

Seller: SCP 2004E-052 LLC

Buyer: County Road Associates GP