An Islamist faction of Syrian rebels captured an infantry base in the northern city of Aleppo, its fighters said Sunday, as forces battling to oust President Bashar Assad advanced on the country's largest city.

Meanwhile, Syrian government warplanes blasted rebels in a Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus, killing eight people and wounding dozens, activists said. Some Palestinian groups in the Yarmouk camp have been backing Assad's regime.

Also Sunday, Iran put forward a six-point plan to end the civil war, including negotiations, presidential elections and a halt to arms shipments. This came during a two-day meeting of 200 representatives of Syrian communities, but no prominent rebels attended. The opposition is unlikely to relate to the plan, as the opposition refuses to talk to Assad and considers Iran unqualified to mediate because of its ardent support of the regime.

In the photo above, Free Syrian Army fighters displayed their flag on an arch Sunday after heavy clashes with government forces at a military academy in Tal Sheer.

The uprising against the Assad regime started in March 2011 as peaceful protests but quickly turned into a civil war.