Whites just can’t ignore burden borne by blacks

As another young black person (Renisha McBride, in Detroit) is killed and buried, those of us with white privilege can no longer claim to be colorblind or that the genocide of black people (and other communities of color) has ended. As capable and strong as blacks and other people of color are, how can they survive the continued onslaught on their very lives and the lives of their children? How poverty-stricken to love your gun more than your neighbor’s life.




I’m in the odd position of counseling patience

I was never a patient person about the bugs in the rollout of a new computer system or upgrade when my husband and I were employed — or about new technology at home today, for that matter. Always, always, I’m told by everyone — even my husband when I’d be asking if he had any plans to come home as the hour grew later and later on upgrade day — that these things just take time and to be patient. Now I find myself saying “be patient” while the whole country is having a hissy fit over the Affordable Care Act.

On the other hand, a political party that has fought to hinder the implementation of Obamacare in every way imaginable and in many states refused to set up a marketplace is having it own hissy fit about the difficulties that are delaying enrollment.

Humans …

SUE KEMPE, Montevideo, Minn.



Thanks to all who donated (and persisted)

“Challenging,” “frustrating” and “exciting” are how some described “Give To The Max” day last week. With more than 4,400 nonprofits all asking for donations, it’s always a question of where donors will direct their dollars. Because of technical difficulties, it took some real dedication and patience for some people to make a donation. However, that didn’t stop generous Minnesotans from giving more than $17 million to their favorite charities. From those who serve and are served by all of these great nonprofits, a sincere thank you for giving both your funds and your time.



The writer is president of Cheerful Givers (



Aggravating, but road crews served us well

To the construction crew on the Interstate 694 project: I wasn’t very happy when the project started. In fact, there were days when I wasn’t sure how I was going to get home from work because of all the ramp closings. as I followed detour signs, I found myself on roads I’d never been on before and was sure that it was not going to lead me home but to places unknown, maybe even Duluth! But the crew was always out there, working day and night, through the heat of summer and the pouring rain. (And through the dangers posed by all of us crazy drivers, some of whom drove those narrow lanes as if they were on a racetrack.)

Now it is done; the orange cones are disappearing, and the crew is gone. Though I had some choice words for you guys while I was trying to find my way home some days, I want to thank you for all your hard work and your dedication to get the job done. I, for one, appreciate it! You did an awesome job!




Sure — on the cover after win streak ends

When I was leaving Ridder Arena on Sunday after the Gopher women’s hockey team lost for the first time in 62 games, I commented to a friend, “Well, now that we lost I’m sure we’ll make the headlines.” Call me a psychic. Sadly, so many opportunities were missed by the media to highlight this historic run. I’d like to thank former coach Laura Hallderson and current coach Brad Frost for establishing and nurturing such a refreshing, competitive, exciting program for our viewing pleasure. This team is a joy to watch.

HELEN NIKIEL, Bloomington



If only the paper would be tailored just for me

I relate to the Nov. 16 letter writer who doesn’t want to read articles about the Minnesota Orchestra because he doesn’t care. Here are the things I don’t care about and would therefore like eliminated from the Star Tribune:

• Sports that I don’t follow (pretty much all of them).

• News of the weird, especially anything about Congress.

• Articles about celebrities I’ve never heard of (or wish I’d never heard of).

• Food articles — I am not a cook.

• 80 percent of the comics.

• Classifieds.

• Advertisements.

• Hunting sections.

• Automobile sections. (My car runs. That’s all I care about.)

• Articles about fancy homes I can’t afford.

• Articles about entertainment (except for things I might attend).

• Sunday NY Times Crossword Puzzle — I can’t do it.

• Crime articles — they’re all downers.

• Obituaries — I’m not dead.

• Weather — I just don’t care.

• Letters to the editor by people who disagree with my opinions.