Tuthill right to stand her ground vs. DFL

The DFL Party is disappointed with Meg Tuthill because she wants to let the voters, not the party, decide who should be the Uptown area’s Minneapolis City Council member (“Tuthill seeks Mpls. council re-­election minus party nod,” June 4). She previously said she would suspend her campaign if she lost the endorsement, but now she has changed her mind. I applaud her decision. The voters get to decide on their council representative — not the party or the dozens of party activists. This is the way it ought to be.

COREY SEVETT, Minneapolis

* * *



Some need the benefits others could give up

I thoroughly agree with Steve Berg that it’s time we give something back to the younger generation (“Do seniors deserve that discount?” June 2). Years ago, I thought it would be good practice to give up my Social Security to provide future income to my children and grandchildren.

Perhaps now it’s time to give up some of the increases to those who need it. A good pension fund and savings have provided a wonderful retirement for me and my family. Truly, I’m grateful, and would be happy to receive lower increases in Social Security, just as I have to do when my annual income means that my Medicare costs go up. There are many who can afford it.


• • •

Berg states that most of us are doing OK. Speak for yourself, Steve. While I may be managing, I cannot afford many “perks” such as eating out, attending the theater or going to a happy hour, and neither can many of my friends.

I know there are many older seniors who can barely afford to buy groceries. I do agree that wealthier seniors could, and should, take a cut in Social Security, as they obviously don’t need as much as others.

Senior discounts? Not a big deal. But please don’t leave the public with the impression that all seniors are doing well.


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Unsecured loaded gun changed many lives

I’m sorry for Kao Xiong and his family, but I’m especially sorry for the son who was killed and the other son who pulled the trigger after finding a loaded handgun that Xiong left unsecured in his south Minneapolis home (“Dad guilty in tot’s death,” June 1). Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman was right when he said, “We need to send messages.” Parents do need to be held accountable in such situations.

TERRY TRAVER, Center City, Minn.

• • •

The conviction of Xiong is appalling. This man, who isn’t a criminal, will be jailed for what purpose — to protect society? No, he will be locked up and his entire family will suffer in order to punish him for a careless accident — a tragedy that already has taken a terrible toll.

The prosecutors in this case displayed no compassion toward this family. I hope Judge Daniel Moreno will suspend Xiong’s sentence when he makes a determination on June 2. And I hope that Hennepin County residents vote the county attorney out of office at the next election.


* * *



How should we view her service to district?

Voters in the Sixth District repeatedly elected Michele Bachmann to Congress (“Bachmann calls it quits, says her future is ‘limitless,’ ” May 30). Why? Because she demonstrated consistent moral character that represented the views of her constituency.

Voters knew where she stood on issues. Her unflinching support for limited government and traditional values resonated across her district. Her courage in standing against sometimes vile attacks from her detractors further demonstrates her depth of conviction, and voters appreciated that about her. Minnesotans, and Americans, thank Bachmann for her service and wish her well.


• • •

Jon Tevlin used restraint and truth in his column about the outgoing congresswoman (“We will miss Michele Bachmann,” June 2). He could have taken the hard line as many others have by exposing Bachman’s hate-filled untruths about Obama and his administration, just like those who send the endless chain e-mails and letters around to stun and recruit others with their bigotry and lies. Tevlin used the velvet glove and said it all. The congresswoman should take some time out now and head for truth school before she embarks on a new career.


• • •

I was sadly disappointed that Bachmann decided not to run for re-election. It would have been more satisfying to see her elected out of office. Her leadership will be missed by some, but not by me.

RICHARD MONSON, Zimmerman, Minn.

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He’s served us well as chief of state elections

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie set the standard for excellence in election administration. Under his guidance, Minnesota has been proud of its high level of voter participation and civic engagement. The 2008 recount won accolades as the standard for rigorous and fair practice. His office has improved the voter registration system and has expanded services. Vote for a Vet and Safe at Home are both programs I personally appreciate. This is what democracy in action looks like.