Some notes from today's media access:

  • Coach Tubby Smith reiterated that he doesn’t believe Trevor Mbakwe’s sprained right wrist is bothering him in games.
  • Regarding whether he wants Mbakwe to be getting more touches inside: “We missed him a couple times inside, yeah, I thought he should have gotten more touches in the game against Iowa,” Smith said. “We just didn’t make the passes inside, and that can be frustrating for me and for him and that’s when we have to look for another guard to get in the game and throw it in.”
  • Smith on the fact that no reserve even attempted a shot in the win over Iowa: “They didn’t have a shot I guess, because they’re all looking to shoot it. Because I will tell them not to shoot it – trust me, they all want to shoot. They probably didn’t get enough opportunities, probably didn’t get a look, didn’t get a good opportunity. … I don’t want to see our guys, when they come off the bench, they’re getting involved with the game, I don’t expect them to come in jacking up shots, I expect them to be getting the flow of the offense and getting some movement, and I think that’s what they were trying to do, but a couple of them didn’t last that long out there because they didn’t get in the flow."
  • On Elliott Eliason’s solid performance against Iowa, and how Smith can get more offensive production from him: “Just get to the offensive boards. Make his free throws when he gets a chance. Draw fouls, run the floor, like he did in the game against Nebraska, that’s where he’s going to score, he hit the jumper there against him. Trust me, we want him to score, but he understands what his role is and his job is to distribute the ball, he’s a good passer. We get a lot of open looks when he’s in the game, because he’s a willing passer, so I’d rather him do that than hunt for the shot.”

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