Five tidbits while I cross my fingers about getting to Indy in orderly fashion with all this weather.

1. My story on Daquein McNeil and everything he has been through to get here ran in today's Star Tribune. I hope you can read it.

2. Video: Michael Rand and I discuss what needs to happen at the Big Ten tournament in order for the Gophers to slip into the Big Dance.

3. More Video: The newest Raise The Barn -- entitled "Finish Strong" -- is here, with a big focus on strength and conditioning coach Shaun Brown.

4. From ESPN's Myron Medcalf, what to look for in the Big Ten tournament. 

5. Jace Frederick, this season's student reporter at Daily in the Barn (who did a great job all year) was dubbed our fashion reporter due to his proclivity to comment on shoes and suits at every opportunity. Fittingly, he wrote an entertaining piece on Richard Pitino's suit collection -- many of which may or may not have come from ol' papa.


"The selection committee meeting begins this morning. It won't be long before the first few dozen teams are in the field." -- @jppalmCBS

"I don't know that the Gophs show up with RESPECT shirts again but Frazier and Newbill both getting the [All Big Ten] honors is great victory fuel for BTT."

Random rankings: Thankfully I'm flying direct today (knock on wood), but I spend my fair share of time hanging out in airports. On a travel day, the top five airports to layover in:

1. Denver: There is so much quality retail here, and as a bonus, you might run into Seahawks Panties Lady.
2. Austin: This airport was awesome. BBQ galore. Unfortunately, there is rarely a need for me to go that way.
3. Minneapolis: Yes, I do sometimes layover in my own city. This is also where I obviously spend the most time. Luckily, it's pretty strong.
4. Indy: Everything is relatively easy for such a large airport. And if there's enough time, going back through security to snag some Cafe Patachou is worth it.
5. LAX: I'm sure I'm in the minority here. But there are just some really good eats. And if you don't have to go through security/drive anywhere, who cares? Lemonade would be one of my favorite spots even if I wasn't qualifying it for restaurant fare, I think.

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