Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe the pool wasn’t lush enough; the gated community wasn’t exclusive enough.

Maybe there was a spot with waterfront property that just HAD TO BE HAD RIGHT NOW.

But it is interesting – however much or little you want to take from it – that Florida Gulf Coast coach Andy Enfield’s house that he just bought in 2011 is now up for sale, according to

Not only that – the house is listed at a $50,000 discount from the price that Enfield paid.

Job offer someone else? Eh? Eh?

Well, we still don’t know.

I have stated that I think Enfield, a guy who has exploded onto the national scene since FGCU upset Georgetown in the first round, would be a great, exciting hire for the Gophers – and a guy who is a Villa 7 alum, and therefore has a relationship with athletic director Norwood Teague and right-hand man Mike Ellis -- but there’s been this NCAA tournament thing that’s really gotten in the way of any real development in that regard.

For FGCU, that part of the season is now over, with the Eagles losing to 3-seed Florida on Friday night.

Will any news emerge now that Enfield and Co. are eliminated? I can’t tell you the answer to that. Again, there’s a chance HE JUST DIDN’T LIKE THE HOUSE.

I will repeat, however, my earlier adjective: interesting.

UPDATE: There is word out there that Enfield's house has actually been for sale since 2011, five months after he bought it. Please remember this house-selling business is all a little bit of silly speculation! 


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