Former Cooper standout Rashad Vaughn wasn't the first highly-regarded recruit to make the decision to leave his hometown high school and enroll in a prep school for his final year of pre-college education and training. In fact, prep schools like Findlay Prep in Las Vegas, and Huntington Prep in Virginia have become very popular for elite recruits -- as a chance to hone their skills against the best competition and potentially up their game before hitting the next level.

Which is why this recent development is interesting. On Saturday, Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde reported that the NCAA has deemed at least two prep schools -- Findlay and Huntington -- "non-scholastic," because while they are affiliated with scholastic institutions, they are not subject to the rules and regulations. Of course, this also means that in-person evaluation outside of games by college coaches is prohibited.

With the September evaluation period just beginning, this is problematic for recruits at this schools, especially those that programs could be on the fence about. How much of a hit is the news for these prep schools and a recruit like Cooper, one of the top Class of 2014 players in the country? It's hard to say. Some seem to believe the situation will be "straightened out" soon, with the prep schools being treated the same as any other high school. This scenario does, however, show that the NCAA seems to be keeping a close eye on these somewhat unorthodox prep schools.

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