Teddy Bridgewater

School: Louisville

Height, weight: 6-2, 214 pounds

Projection: First round

Strengths: Played in a pro-ready offense, accurate, reads through his progressions, good decision-maker.

Weaknesses: Questions about durability (although he didn’t miss a game at Louisville) and arm strength.

The skinny: Don’t buy any “unnamed” one-source stories, and there have been plenty about Bridgewater in a negative light. He edges out Bortles and Manziel and would be a steal if he falls out of the top 10.



Blake Bortles

School: Central Florida

Height, weight: 6-5, 232

Projection: First round

Strengths: Has size of a prototypical quarterback, mobile and can extend plays, can fit throws in tight spots.

Weaknesses: Raw, footwork in pocket, deep-ball accuracy.

The skinny: Bortles isn’t ready to start yet, but he has the highest ceiling. For that reason, he’ll be the first quarterback taken at No. 3 by Jacksonville or No. 4 by Cleveland.



Johnny Manziel

School: Texas A&M

Height, weight: 6-0, 207

Projection: First round

Strengths: Outstanding athlete, dynamic, can extend plays with his feet, competitor, accurate, impressive leadership.

Weaknesses: Height, leaves pocket too early, improviser, off-the-field distractions.

The skinny: Manziel is the most exciting player in the draft, but nobody knows how he will translate to the NFL. That won’t hold “Johnny Football’’ back, though, and Cleveland needs him.


Derek Carr

School: Fresno State

Height, weight: 6-2, 214

Projection: Late first round

Strengths: Good arm, good release with a tight spiral, athletic, accurate on short and immediate throws, mature.

Weaknesses: Decision-making, questionable deep ball, poor competition in Mountain West.

The skinny: Carr’s stock continues to rise. He won’t be the top overall pick like his brother, David, but Arizona at No. 20 is a good fit.


AJ McCarron

School: Alabama

Height, weight: 6-3, 220

Projection: Day 2 pick

Strengths: Proven national champion, played in pro-style offense, decent arm strength, leader, game manager.

Weaknesses: Deep-ball accuracy, not a good athlete, played with elite offensive talent.

The skinny: McCarron is intriguing. If the Vikings select a defensive player in the first round, McCarron is an adequate quarterback in the second or third round.


Jimmy Garoppolo

School: Eastern Illinois

Height, weight: 6-2, 226

Projection: Day 2 pick.

Strengths: Quick and clean release, throws a good ball, can stand tall in the pocket, athletic enough to evade defenders, smart decision-maker.

Weakness: Gets happy feet and pats ball in the pocket, doesn’t read through progressions, lacks awareness in the pocket, played at FCS level, deep-ball accuracy.

The skinny: Some think Garoppolo will sneak into the first round, but that’s hard to see. He’ll need some work but can start in the NFL.


Aaron Murray

School: Georgia

Height, weight: 6-1, 207

Projection: Fourth or fifth round

Strengths: Good leader, four-year experience created good timing with receivers, good football IQ.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent under pressure, size, known to make costly mistakes in big games, coming off ACL surgery.

The skinny: Murray’s durability is concerning even after his Pro Day last week. He was having a great senior season until his injury. He could be targeted by teams looking to draft two quarterbacks.


Zach Mettenberger

School: LSU

Height, weight: 6-5, 224

Projection: Fourth or fifth round

Strengths: Has size of prototypical quarterback, can withstand pressure in the pocket, ran pro-style offense under former NFL offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

Weaknesses: Poor awareness in the pocket, doesn’t read through his progressions, locks on receivers, poor deep-ball accuracy, prone to underthrow balls, coming off ACL surgery, character issues off the field.

The skinny: NFL general managers, head coaches and offensive coordinators are going with history here and want to take a shot on Mettenberger, a quarterback with the ideal size. Don’t believe the hype. If he gets picked any higher than Day 3, it’s a huge risk.


Logan Thomas

School: Virginia Tech

Height, weight: 6-6, 248

Projection: Fifth through seventh round

Strengths: Strong, athletic and versatile, has size of prototypical quarterback, strongest arm in the draft, tough, embraces physicality, started 40 consecutive games.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent, inaccurate, poor mechanics, puts the ball in jeopardy (29 interceptions in past two seasons), didn’t improve his senior season.

The skinny: Thomas’ past two seasons were anything but pretty, but he’s worth a look if a team wants to draft two quarterbacks. Worst case, he switches positions (tight end maybe?), but he’s too athletic not to take late in Day 3.


Tom Savage

School: Pittsburgh

Height, weight: 6-4, 228

Projection: Fourth through seventh round

Strengths: Has size of prototypical quarterback, live arm, good release, played under center at Pitt.

Weakness: Inaccurate, inconsistent, doesn’t read through progressions, bad decision-maker, will turn 24 on Saturday and needs a few years to develop.

The skinny: He’s the latest flavor of the month, following Mettenberger as ideal-sized quarterbacks that some think could go in the second round. Proceed with caution and don’t draft before Day 3. That’s how general managers get fired.


Notable Day 3 QBs: Keith Wenning, Ball State; Tajh Boyd, Clemson; David Fales, San Jose State; Garrett Gilbert, Southern Methodist; Connor Shaw, South Carolina