There are nine singers left on "American Idol" after last week's double elimination of Naima Adedapo (who reached her potential) and Thia Megia (who lacked stage presence). Here's how we'd rank the remaining contestants, worst to first, based on their performances so far:

9 Paul McDonald The quirky Rod Stewart soundalike is an acquired taste. Next course, please.

8 Haley Reinhart The bluesy vocalist's big problems have been consistency and song selection.

7 Stefano Langone Ditto for this wild card, who also needs to work on his showmanship.

6 Casey Abrams He remains an enigma -- the most talented but with little mainstream appeal.

5 Lauren Alaina The tentative Georgia teen could go further if she ever reins in her nerves.

4 Jacob Lusk Mr. Dramatic packs an emotional punch, but viewers will eventually need a break.

3 Scotty McCreery The young country crooner is a one-trick pony, but voters love the trick.

2 Pia Toscano The balladeer has fine vocal range. Stylistic range is where she needs to shine now.

1 James Durbin He owns the stage and can wail. Showing his soft side could cinch the title.