Let's be clear, right away: This is all purely hypothetical, speculative, for entertainment purposes only and any other disclaimer we can offer. While there is a report that the Yankees might be looking to trade Alex Rodriguez (to Miami, which actually makes some sense), even that would be a process playing out slowly. A trade to the Twins? Considering the market, A-Rod's veto power, etc., etc., it's just never going to happen. It would even stranger than Brett Favre playing here, which actually did happen.


So: The question isn't about likelihood. The question is this: If there was some magical universe in which the Yankees were convinced they had to trade the 37-year-old slugger, and if they were willing to pick up, say, all but $50 million of of the $113 million he is still owed over the next five years, and if they weren't asking for the world in return ... would you want A-Rod on the Twins?

That's $10 million a year for whatever Rodriguez has left to offer after this season.

That we are even offering you this hypothetical shows just how crazy-fast his stock appears to have fallen.

Would you think a fresh start under less scrutiny would help him rebound from a couple of so-so regular seasons and a wretched 2012 postseason?

Or is the baggage so great (and/or do you think he just doesn't have enough left in the tank) that you wouldn't want him on your team, even at a steep discount?

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