As noted by Daily Norseman and pointed out to us by @OneColleen, ESPN's Mike & Mike are doing run downs of every NFL team heading into the season. On today's show, they did the Vikings.


Now: Most of you probably remember the stadium debate, which lasted for roughly 47 years and ended this past legislative session with the Vikings getting approval for a new stadium.

News of this has apparently not yet reached Mike & Mike. Daily Norseman transcribes:

The question is, "Will the rumors of the team moving to L.A. affect on-field performance?"

Golic's response: "No, that's not gonna affect any player's performance. Players, you know, are playing for the Minnesota Vikings, but they're playing for 'Each Individual Player, Inc.' as well. So, to be distracted by the thought of that would be foolish for a player. Your best thing to do is to do the absolute best you can on the field. That's going to help yourself out."

You can move ahead to about the 1:40 mark and have a listen for yourself.

Personally, we're not worried about that impending L.A. move. We want to know if D.J. Dozier can really be a featured back.

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