If Peyton Manning's agent can connect all the contractual dots, the former Colts QB will reportedly be all grown up as a full-fledged Bronco. This will confirm the suspicion that Broncos boss John Elway couldn't wait to get rid of Tim Tebow and -- rightfully so -- pulled out all the stops to get a future Hall of Fame quarterback.


If Manning is in, you have to figure Tebow is out. And perhaps the most interesting question outside of "where might he wind up" is this: What exactly is Tebow's trade value?

On the one hand you have a QB who is a publicity machine, who is still young, who was a first-round draft choice and who -- for all his faults -- did help turn a lost season into a playoff berth (complete with one playoff win over the Steelers).

On the other hand, you have a QB many consider to be a flash-in-the-pan because of his unorthodox style and whose passer rating in the final two regular-season games last year were below the Spergon Wynn line (39.5).

If Tebow is on the market, what is his value when factoring in all those things?

Our best guess: Something like a second- or third-round pick, plus a late-round pick. But that's just from eyeballing it. There are so many factors and tons of teams desperate for a QB and to sell tickets. Your thoughts, please in the comments.

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