As of "press time," which is whenever we choose to hit "publish," the Twins are losing 5-1 to the Angels in the 7th inning of their home opener. We spent a few innings over at Target Field and snapped that $1 billion Instagram picture for your pleasure. Other information gleaned:


*Wild players were there, apparently courtesy of Justin Morneau.

*After the Angels took a 2-0 lead in the first, a member of the Twins guest services staff, wearing his trademark red jacket, remarked, "This is going well."

*Ryan Doumit's walk-up music in his first at-bat (can't speak to the rest of them) was "Mother" by Danzig.

*The best part about this Twins team is allegedly the hitting, but they have like 7 hits all season. Patience among the patrons at the beautiful third-year ballpark does not appear to be in abundance.

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