Deadspin has an interesting study via Vivid Seats (not to be confused with Vivid Video) that takes a look at which NFL games are the hottest and coldest on the secondary market.

You should read the entire thing because it's interesting, albeit a little confusing; for our tastes, we'll pull out this nugget:

Here are the five games with the biggest price drop:
  1. Rams at Cowboys: -46.1%
  2. Browns at Vikings: -40.2%
  3. Panthers at Vikings: -38.0%
  4. Jaguars at Rams: -36.5%
  5. TIE: Jaguars at Browns AND Cardinals at 49ers: -34.2%

In other words, the Vikings' home games against the Browns (home opener) and Panthers (Oct. 13, after their bye) are two of the three games with the sharpest drop, at least according to Vivid.

Indeed, the Vikings' cheapest single-game ticket is $41, but there are bundles for less than $30 on Vivid.

Either folks are tepid on the purple or the opponents ... or both.

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