UPDATE: A picture and comments from players

Everson Griffen: "They're nice. When the asked me the best part, it's like when you have a good suit on and you put on the perfect tie, that's what the helmet is. It's the tie for the suit. It brings everything together. It makes everything look nice. ... If you feel good and look good, most likely you are going to play good."

Christian Ponder: "It’s simple. It’s not like the crazy thing Nike has done with college uniforms. … I didn’t know what they were going to do. I had no idea. … It’s a very traditional team and to keep it traditional and simple I thought it was really good.”

Kyle Rudolph, Jerome Felton and Christian Ponder. Don't worry, Ponder didn't gain weight. Just an optical illusion.

Kyle Rudolph, Jerome Felton and Christian Ponder. Don't worry, Ponder didn't gain weight. Just an optical illusion.



In a few minutes, the Vikings will have live human beings running out of a tunnel wearing new Vikings jerseys. We'll update with more pictures when that happens. For now, we have a press release with an image of the new uniforms, modeled by No. 28. Of note: They will also potentially do a purple-on-purple (tops/pants) even though that is not shown.



Per a press release from the Vikings:

A modern representation of Nordic culture combined with the Vikings long-standing football tradition, the new design provides a modern twist on the classic Vikings uniforms. Features include a matte purple helmet with a black facemask, a refreshed, brighter gold accent, unique new font and numbers featuring curves that reflect the bow of a Vikings ship, and single gold and white stripes on the shoulders and pants reminiscent of early Vikings uniforms.


“The fine details make this uniform special,” said Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway. “The threading in the collar, just the subtle little things that are going to make people say, ‘That’s our Vikings uniform as we know it.’ To the fan who is really a Minnesota Vikings fan true to its core, they’re going to love this uniform.”


The new uniforms allow for up to four color combinations: white pants, white jersey; white pants, purple jersey; purple pants, purple jersey; and purple pants, white jersey.


“These uniforms embrace the strong tradition of the Vikings but add a contemporary feel that speaks to the future of this organization,” said Vikings Owner/President Mark Wilf. “We believe Vikings fans will be extremely proud of the new uniforms.”

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