Three years ago, Tim Brewster and Bret Bielema -- then the head football coaches of the Gophers and Wisconsin, respectively -- clashed famously over Bielema's decision to go for a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter with a big lead already. Brewster gave Bielema an earful; Bielema said he was just going off of what was on his two-point conversion card. Regardless, it was clear neither man particularly likes the other and that the situation was not isolated.

Fast-forward to Thursday; Brewster is now an assistant at Florida State (#NoleNation), where you cannot hunt an alligator with a pellet gun. Bielema is the head coach at Arkansas. They are not in the same conference, but they surely compete for some of the same players. And they still really don't like each other -- or at least Bielema made it clear he doesn't like Brewster, per these tweets:


Ah, is there anything better than a whizzing match between two football coaches? We think not. Our only hope is that Brewster can't resist taking this to the next level. For old time's sake, here's a picture from that tense midfield meeting in 2010.



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