Here is your morning talker:


*The Vikings clearly lack a No. 1 receiver. Bernard Berrian is out the door. Percy Harvin is a great do-everything guy, but he lacks the size and perhaps the durability to be a No. 1 guy. Michael Jenkins? No. Sidney Rice was that guy in 2009. Randy Moss was that guy for so many years. Right now? There is no No. 1 receiver on this roster.

*The Timberwolves clearly lack a No. 1 scorer. Kevin Love is developing into a wonderful all-around player, but the Wolves will never be a serious contender if he's their primary guy. Michael Beasley is a gifted scorer, but he's not your top guy. Derrick Williams might be, but we don't know yet. Ricky Rubio is likely not that guy.

*The Twins clearly lack a No. 1 starter. Francisco Liriano has the stuff, but we're all about at the end of our ropes in terms of consistency. Scott Baker, best-case, is a No. 2 or 3 guy. Carl Pavano is a middle of the rotation guy. Nobody else is in the conversation.

Our questions:

1) Which of these problems will be addressed first?

2) Which is the most glaring/problematic?

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