Bill Simmons knows more about the NBA than almost everyone alive. He still might not know as much as he thinks he knows, but it is an impressive amount nonetheless.

As such, Wolves fans, take heart in Simmons' list of the 30 worst contracts in the NBA. These are the kinds of deals the Wolves used to hand out with alarming frequency. We're thinking of you, Darko, And you, Mike James. And especially you, secret Joe Smith deal.

A guy the Wolves originally drafted and reportedly went after in the offseason (O.J. Mayo) makes the list at No. 15 after he signed with the Bucks for three years and $24 million.

But nobody on the current Minnesota roster cracks the list.

The top five (meaning the worst): Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Andrea Bargnani, Gerald Wallace and Amar'e Stoudemire.

That said, we will leave you this question for the comments: What is the worst contract on the Wolves

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