Thank you, David Kahn.

No, seriously. Not in a sarcastic way. Thank you.

Your shortsightedness 2½ years ago in not offering Kevin Love a five-year contract could be the thing that finally saves the Timberwolves — the incredible wrong that leads to a right.

It is very clear from recent actions and words from Love that he does not want to be here. The final straw for us was his SportsNation appearance Wednesday — when Love gave the least convincing denial possible when asked about his future in Minnesota, grinning all the way.

This moment was coming, and it might as well come now. It might as well come while Love is 25, has put up three statistically monstrous seasons in his past four, and is viewed as a great player in a bad situation instead of a flawed player with great numbers who is also part of the problem.

That 2012 blunder created a situation where a top talent — and make no mistake, Love is a fantastic offensive player — can be traded at his absolute peak value, allowing the Wolves to revamp the roster in a way they otherwise would not have imagined.