The Wolves postponed a news conference this morning at which Kevin Martin was going to be introduced, leading to discussion that some more maneuvering is in the works.


Some of this involves salary cap gymnastics. But some of it might also include bringing back Corey Brewer, whom the Wolves drafted in 2007 with the No. 7 overall pick. On its face, this move conjures up a quick question: "why?" That is quickly followed by a second question: "Haven't we already tried this and had it not work?"

Well, yes. That said, if we think about it a little more, there is some sense to be made of it.

1) While Brewer is somewhat the same type of player he was when he was here -- a high-energy wing who can't shoot very well but will play above-average defense and can run the floor -- he is a more efficient version of that player now than he used to be.

2) Brewer's big chance here came in 2009-10, when he started all 82 games. At that point, he was more or less a starting shooting guard who couldn't shoot. He was also playing on an awful Kurt Rambis-coached team that won just 15 games. It was the first year of the David Kahn era, and the Wolves were bottoming out. Since then, he has found more of a nice as a 20-25 mpg guy off the bench. While he didn't fit at all in his role four years ago, he could actually fill a very important niche here by playing defense and playing with energy. At the right price, the cash/cap-strapped Wolves could do far worse than Brewer.

3) Let's not forget he was the original guest on "Good Sports with Michael Rand," and his golfing adventure/dramatic reading of "The Notebook" cannot be underestimated as a selling point. As the video demonstrates: Brewer is not a very good golfer, but he is a really good guy.

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