Personally, we don't feel sorry for Joe Mauer. He is making $23 million a year. He seems perfectly content in his home life, one which recently delivered him the gift of twin girls..


Professionally? Yes, we are starting to feel sorry for Joe Mauer.

He's an elite player in a lineup that has increasingly proven it doesen't even have another above-average (possibly even average) hitter in it as we speak.

His on-base percentage is .409. The next-highest among players on the active roster is Justin Morneau at ... wait for it ... .323.

His .472 slugging percentage dwarfs the rest as well.

He is hitting .327, while NOT A SINGLE OTHER PLAYER on the entire roster is higher than .265.

Oh, and ... 51 runs, 31 doubles and 53 walks? Also team-highs.

He's sixth on the team in runs batted in, you retort? Who is he supposed to drive in when nobody else is ever on base?

He has had exactly 89 plate appearances for a total of 68 at bats with runners in scoring position all season. His numbers are down in that area (.265 BA, .721 OPS) compared to when the bases are empty. Miguel Cabrera, by contrast, has 143 PAs and 110 ABs with RISP. He's mashed the ball in those situations, but give Mauer 42 more cracks at it and he would be pushing 60 RBI right now.

Don't cry for Mauer. He's doing far better than fine in life. But weep for this lineup and hope he gets some help soon.

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