Luis Suarez of Uruguay became public enemy No. 1 on Twitter after it very much appeared that he bit an opposing Italy player in Tuesday’s 1-0 World Cup victory for Uruguay. Of course, that doesn’t mean all the rage was directed at Luis Suarez. Rather, some of it found its way to Diego Suarez of Buenos Aires, who happens to have the unfortunate Twitter handle of @Suarez.

The non-biting Suarez received countless messages directed at him on Twitter that were intended for the soccer player. He repeatedly pleaded, in Spanish, for people to stop because they were yelling at the wrong guy.

Johnny Basketball

Browns QB Johnny Manziel, who already was drafted by MLB’s Padres, was also drafted ceremonially by the Harlem Globetrotters.


Number crunch has a great short documentary about the Sacramento Kings and their use of amateur number crunchers.