Let's be clear on one thing from the start: quarterback is not the biggest of the Vikings' worries at this point. Not after a 35-10 beatdown at the hands of the lowly Panthers.

We shut down the TV at halftime and headed for Miss Saigon at the Ordway. We DVRed the rest of the debacle. When you allow Carolina to beat you by 25 at home, and you somehow have a sadder finish than Miss Saigon, you have too many problems to count.

Number one is the defense, and that starts with the secondary. If as much attention is parading two or three corners through Winter Park this Monday as was bringing in Josh Freeman last Monday, that would be a good thing.

Then again, that would suggest the Vikings still feel as though they have a chance this year. They can feel that way if they want, but this thing sure feels over.

As such, we are faced with this reality: Freeman might as well start the rest of the season at QB to see what he can do in purple. The season is not Christian Ponder's fault. It is not Matt Cassel's fault.

But they are not the kinds of QBs who can overcome the massive deficiencies on the rest of the roster. Maybe Freeman is. Maybe he can bring some respectability to this season and restore some hope in 2014.

That's about all there is left to see with 11 games left in 2013.

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